COVID-19 Update

Please come to YVR only if necessary. Learn more about how we are addressing COVID-19.

Alert: Please come to YVR only if necessary. Learn more about how we are addressing COVID-19.
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Roles & Responsibilities

  • World Health Organization (WHO): WHO’s primary role is to direct and coordinate international health response within the United Nations system. While WHO declared the Novel Coronavirus outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, they noted the primary concern is the outbreak spreading to countries with weak healthcare systems. They also noted they do not recommend any travel or trade restrictions at this time.

  • The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC): PHAC is the lead agency responsible for decisions about health-related screening of passengers at Canada’s airports. Any questions regarding the measures in place, and any planned future measures, should be directed to PHAC.

  • BC Centre for Disease Control (BC CDC) and Local Health Authorities: Responsible for the local and provincial response to COVID-19, including testing and treatment. Any questions regarding patient information, including movements through the province, should be directed to local and provincial health authorities.
  • Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA): CBSA is the frontline to screen arriving international travellers and determine eligibility for entry to Canada. Any questions about the role of border officers on the frontline should be directed to CBSA.
  • Airlines: Airlines may adjust their schedules and frequency at their discretion. Any questions about changes to airline schedules or frequency should be directed to the individual airlines.
  • Vancouver Airport Authority: The Airport Authority is the not-for-profit organization that manages YVR. We are not a government agency and we are not a health authority. We follow the direction of PHAC who is responsible for all decisions and implementation of health screening measures at Canada's ports of entry, including YVR.

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