COVID-19 Update

Please come to YVR only if necessary. Learn more about how we are addressing COVID-19.

Alert: Please come to YVR only if necessary. Learn more about how we are addressing COVID-19.
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At YVR, we are following the COVID-19 situation closely and understand the concern among passengers, employees and the public. 

We are working with the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), the federal agency responsible for making decisions about health-related screening of passengers at Canada’s ports of entry, including airports, and all of our partners to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. 

We have full confidence in the response measures already underway in Canada to detect and combat the spread of COVID-19, including travel restrictions, enhanced airport screening and the directive to practice social distancing. 

We have compiled some useful resources and information below. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on the COVID-19 situation, please visit PHAC's website here. Additionally, PHAC has established a toll-free COVID-19 information line at 1-833-784-4397. 

Important note: if you have any concerns about your health, please contact your healthcare provider or dial 811 if you’re in British Columbia.  

What can people do to protect themselves?

According to PHAC, the best way to reduce your risk of infection is by taking the following precautions:

  • Practice social distancing and leave two metres or six feet between you and others wherever possible
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands
  • Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer if unable to wash your hands with soap and water
  • Practice good cough and sneeze etiquette by coughing or sneezing into your sleeve
  • If you are experiencing any symptoms, go home and self-isolate 

The wearing of masks is not a recommended preventative measure and should not be considered a replacement for any of the precautions above.

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Additional Resources

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