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Advertising Guidelines

Vancouver Airport Authority strives to provide advertising opportunities at YVR to local, national and international businesses. Advertising opportunities allow our valued business partners and organizations to effectively communicate to an engaged audience travelling through the airport. The guiding principles below outline the Airport Authority’s general guidelines regarding advertising requirements. Additional guidelines may be provided at the time of booking.

The advertising portfolio at YVR is part of a license agreement between Astral Media and the Airport Authority. As a private organization, the Airport Authority evaluates all incoming advertising inquiries and reserves the right to deny any advertising that does not adhere to our policy.  

Guiding Principles:  

Advertising must:

  • Foster cooperation and respect for all airport users including passengers, airport tenants, concessionaries, service providers and business partners.
  • Align with the Airport Authority’s values of safety, teamwork, accountability and innovation.
  • Be respectful to all age groups, gender, cultures, business partners, government agencies and adhere to provincial, municipal and Canadian laws.
  • Be non-partisan.
  • Be suitable for an airport setting and any display or printing must be of a proper grade quality, and to the satisfaction of the Airport Authority.  

Advertising must not:

  • Detract from a positive travel journey or impact YVR’s unique sense of place.
  • Be disrespectful to any of the airport tenants, concessionaries, service providers and business partners.
  • Discriminate or encourage discrimination against any group.
  • Promote any specific political parties, campaigns or messages.
  • Promote anything illegal including products, services or activities.

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