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YVR’s NEXUS Enrolment Centre re-opens on April 3rd

Centre will help reduce applicant backlog, speed up U.S. border crossings for pre-approved travellers

We are excited to welcome the NEXUS enrolment centre back to the airport, located pre-security near the Transborder check in counters on Level 3.

The NEXUS program is a service that is jointly-run by Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) and the U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP), and is a service that low-risk, pre-approved travellers can use to streamline their journey to the U.S.

As of April 3 2023, NEXUS applicants will be able to book their interviews at YVR through a two-step process: a Canadian interview administered by CBSA, as well as a U.S. interview administered by U.S. CBP.

Conditionally approved NEXUS applicants and renewing members who require an interview will be able to book the Canadian portion of their interview at YVR through the Trusted Traveller Programs scheduler as interview times become available.

The U.S. interviews are completed by U.S. CBP at Canadian airport preclearance locations for ticketed passengers departing Canada for the U.S. that same day. While no appointment is needed for the U.S. interview, it is recommended that applicants give themselves enough time before their flight and ensure the preclearance site is open by consulting CBP’s hours of service.

By hosting the NEXUS enrolment centre, we are pleased to help facilitate trusted travellers obtain their NEXUS cards, which in turn speeds up border crossings and supports the billions of dollars in economic activity generated in both countries.

For more information on the NEXUS enrolment centres, please visit the CBSA website.

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