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Its Canadian Environment Week! We remain focused on climate and environment – here's how

In 2021, we announced our commitment to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2030, representing a significant step in our climate action leadership role. In recognition of Canadian Environment Week, we are excited to share with you more about our journey to net-zero carbon emissions by 2030 and other important programs and initiatives that reaffirms our focus and commitment to building a cleaner, greener and sustainable airport of the future.

YVR’s roadmap to net-zero carbon emissions: In 2022, YVR became the first airport in Canada to achieve Level 4+ (Transition) – the highest level that can be achieved under the international Airport Carbon Accreditation program. A big part of what got us there is that we are already carbon neutral and we have committed to reaching net zero by 2030. Some of our other key programs and initiatives include replacing over 20,000 light bulbs throughout the terminal with LED lighting, saving 1.978 GWh per year – equivalent to the electricity used by 181 homes in B.C., adding more electric vehicles to our fleet and replacing our heating systems – making it more energy efficient. Our journey continues...

Waste diversion and management, plastics reduction and more: As part of YVR’s 2020-2024 Environmental Management Plan, we continue to improve our existing waste reduction and recycling programs whilst simultaneously implementing new ones in efforts to increase our waste diversion rate. YVR has successfully achieved 50% of terminal waste diversion rates through innovations and programs like:

  1. OSCAR Sort – AI-powered Waste Sorting Bins: OSCAR is an AI-powered waste sorting bin that ensures that waste is sorted and disposed efficiently and sustainably. It is an innovative solution that scans and detects items with a camera and automatically sorts them based on its respective trash category. If you find them around the airport, be sure to say hi and sort your trash accordingly.
  2. Chopstick Recycling Program with ChopValue: Did you know that over 1 million chopsticks from YVR’s food courts have been recycled into the tables, art, or decoration that you see around our terminals? That’s equivalent to at least nine tonnes of waste that’s been diverted from going into landfills. Through YVR’s partnership with ChopValue, we’ve been able to successfully recycle waste and turn them into viable products that encourage consumers to be more conscious with their consumption behavior and waste management. Be sure to check them out on your next trip through YVR.
  3. Single-Use Plastics Reduction Plan: At YVR, we have developed and implemented a Single-Use Plastics Reduction Plan to align with federal and municipal regulations. Through this plan, our commercial partners are moving towards paper and fibre-based alternatives to single-use plastic food service ware and take-out bags. We’re committed to supporting our commercial partners during this transition through education & awareness of legislation and sustainable alternatives.  
  4. Commercial Partner Spring Training Campaign and our favourite Waste Wars competition: YVR’s Climate & Environment team works closely with our food & beverage tenants to improve their knowledge of YVR’s waste management best practices and initiatives. We will be back this year with our favourite Waste Wars competition that challenges our food & beverage tenants to sort and recycle their waste the best and fight for the highly coveted Chop Value chopstick trophy!

If you would like to learn more about YVR’s environmental initiatives visit -

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