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What you need to know about checking-in for your flight

Travelling from YVR soon? We’ve gone digital with the Departures signs on our curb. Here’s what you need to know about the new signs and checking in for your flight.

Our new signs are dynamic and will direct you to where you should enter the terminal to check-in for your flight, based on which airline you’re flying and which sector you’re flying to—U.S., domestic or international.

Look at the sign, match your airline with the pictogram of where you’re going and enter at the nearest door.

The signs also display the check-in counter number, providing further clarification for you on where to go. You can find this number at > Departing Flights. 

Our new digital signs allow travellers to arrive and find the right airline check-in counter with more accuracy and ease. It also provides us with the ability to make better use of our terminal as it allows us to leverage different check-in counters to manage queues based on peak departure times with our airline partners.

So, how do I find my airline check-in counter?

Arriving at YVR from Canada Line?

  • Be sure to check the digital signs across from the Canada Line fare gate exits.
  • Or follow the signs from the Canada Line platform into the terminal and look for your airline’s check-in counter from one of the flight information screens or big boards.

Arriving at YVR on our shuttle from JetSet? Getting dropped off at YVR? or walking in from the parkade?

Watch this quick video about locating your check-in counter.

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