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ABCoast and Musqueam form a new partnership, creating opportunities for learning and development at YVR

MOU signing ABCOast and Musqueam

Two of our valued partners at YVR, ABCoast Aviation Services and Musqueam Indian Band, have come together under a memorandum of understanding.

Through this new partnership, ABCoast and Musqueam will create a pathway from education to employment, providing a platform for Musqueam to learn about opportunities in the aviation industry and to assist them with pursuing a career at the airport. The organizations will also benefit from shared knowledge and experiences, setting the clear intention to advance reconciliation, specifically answering Call to Action 92, Business and Reconciliation, under the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's 94 Calls to Action.

During the signing event, Musqueam guided a Call to Witness protocol. Musqueam Elder, Larry Grant, explained to all present that this Musqueam teaching tkes place when important work is underway; four witnesses are called and asked to remember the work to share back to their communities. While everyone at the event was a witness of the work, if clarity is needed these are the four that will be looked upon to answer questions about what happened.

YVR and Musqueam share a 30-year partnership based on friendship and respect to achieve a sustainable and mutually beneficial future for the community and the lands on which we operate.

We’re proud to have connected ABCoast and Musqueam and contributed to this important partnership. Looking ahead, we’re committed to continuing to share resources and identify ways to strengthen our work with Musqueam. This includes creating opportunities to learn about and share Musqueam culture as we acknowledge the past and work to move forward along the journey of reconciliation.

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