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Waste Reduction Week 2021

It’s that time of the year again – it’s Waste Reduction Week from October 18 to 24!

Since 2012, the Vancouver Airport Authority has been participating in Waste Reduction Week, a year-round program focused on the principles of circular economy, resource efficiency, and waste reduction.

At YVR, we are committed to waste reduction and have set an ambitious target to divert 60% of our waste from going to landfill by 2024.

Over the years, we have undertaken several waste reduction and recycling initiatives to support Waste Reduction Week and our waste reduction goal. As example, since 2016 we have partnered with ChopValue to repurpose wooden chopsticks into other wood products, such as tables in the new Pier D expansion project. In 2019, we celebrated the diversion of our one millionth chopstick!

ChopValue tables in YVR's new Pier D expansion  

As of late, we have implemented an organic waste diversion program that includes a green bin program and an on-site food waste composter in the Main Terminal Building. Also, we have a robust electronic recycling program where we look for opportunities to provide a second life to electronic products before they are sent to a local e-waste recycler.

Other waste reduction and recycling programs are focused on office paper, latex gloves, light bulbs, batteries, and a number of other items. Most recently, we have developed a Single-Use Plastic Reduction Plan to help eliminate the number of single-use plastics ending up in landfills and encourage the use of more sustainable materials in retail and food & beverage spaces at YVR.

We celebrate Waste Reduction Week because it is important for us to raise awareness and educate others on the importance of waste reduction and how we are doing our part to create a greener and more resilient future for the communities we serve.

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