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Thank You to the Vaccine Clinic Staff!

Vaccine Site Employee

The COVID-19 vaccination roll-out has been one of the most important priorities for our community and country. And together, we accomplished what we set out to do – We delivered a one-stop solution for managing the non-clinical administration of a mass vaccination centre and helped our Province vaccinate British Columbians quickly to support a faster recovery for the community and travel industry. 

This opportunity also allowed us to recall our own employees as well as Musqueam, airline and other airport partner employees to provide meaningful employment in support of our province’s immunization efforts. A team effort that perpetuated a positive impact on the community from start to finish. 

On day one, we vaccinated 280 people who were 80+. When vaccine access started to open-up to all ages, we were supporting between 1,200 -1,600 people in getting their vaccinations each day.  As of September, we supported over 160,000 vaccinations. These numbers are a direct result of a team effort, one that perpetuated a positive impact on the community from start to finish.

Thank you to the staff and our partners for stepping up in support of improved community health and industry resilience. We are so proud of what our community was able to accomplish.

As our industry continues to open back up to travellers from around the world, we can reflect on the great work that’s been done in British Columbia knowing our efforts propelled us towards brighter days as we continue to safely build back stronger. 

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