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Community Through Crisis: Looking Back at YVR for the 20th Anniversary of 9/11

A crowded International Terminal Building at YVR in 2001.

TRIGGER WARNING: The below video features news footage and audio of some of the events of 9/11. 

On September 11th, 2001, the world looked on as events unfolded in New York and across the United States that would have a profound and lasting impact on the aviation industry and the entire world.

Everybody remembers where they were that day, but for the people who were here at YVR, they can tell you incredible stories of how we stepped up as an airport, as a community and as humans to unexpectedly welcome the world and help keep the community safe. Even though it is now 20 years later, the people who were at the airport that day recall how things unfolded at YVR with surprising clarity. They can remember the exact words from the first phone call they received telling them the shocking news. They can share minute-to-minute how the airport and our partners responded to the ever-changing series of events. And they can tell us detailed stories about all the ways we worked together that day and the following days to help keep the community safe and make those forced to land at YVR under the worst circumstances feel welcome.

And we didn’t do it alone. Over 50 organizations across the airport community came together to support one another that day including airlines, cruise lines, security agencies and even grocery stores. We look back on that day with profound sadness, but also a sense of pride for how we came together as an airport community in a time of great crisis to help people feel safe and secure.

Watch the video below and hear directly from the people who were at YVR on 9/11 as they reflect on the actions we took as an airport to help welcome the world.

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