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YVR Stars: Douglas Seifert, Air New Zealand

With thousands of passengers travelling through YVR each day, the hustle and bustle is nothing new to our employees, airline partners and volunteers. By providing exceptional customer service and maintaining safe and efficient operations, the employees throughout Sea Island help uphold YVR’s reputation as a world-class hub.

One instance specifically stood out to a niece of a passenger who was laying over at YVR on her way to Australia. Since the unexpected passing of her husband last year, this passenger was making her first solo journey to visit her son who was graduating from medical school. During her layover, the passenger misplaced her passport and was concerned she would not be able to complete her trip.

With the help of her niece, the passenger was able to obtain an emergency passport and quickly called her airline, Air New Zealand, to book a new flight the next day. When she called, Douglas from Air New Zealand noticed her devastation and worked diligently to book her a new flight. Douglas followed up throughout the day, making sure she checked into her flight and was on her way. As a gracious gesture, he even upgraded the passenger to first class, giving her access to the lounge prior to departure! The passenger was ecstatic and after a chaotic day before, she was grateful to be able to truly relax as a result of Douglas’ outstanding care.

YVR is proud to partner with companies that hold themselves to the highest standard of excellence. Douglas from Air New Zealand is an excellent example of the dedicated team who ensure our airport continues to provide an extraordinary experience to all who travel through.

If you ever see any employees or volunteers go the extra mile, please nominate them for a YVR Star and share your experience. We want to hear from you and recognize exceptional customer care. Learn more at or tell us your story @yvrairport using the hashtag #YVRStars or send us an email at [email protected].

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