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New Self-Service Kiosks at YVR

Say hello to our new, slick self-service kiosks!

At YVR, we’re always looking for innovative solutions to enhance our customers’ experience, all while keeping accessibility a top priority. The new kiosks are designed to be compatible for wheelchairs, feature interactive keypads and an audio jack to assist passengers who are visually impaired.

You may have already seen these kiosks in the terminal as they were recently deployed in the U.S. check-in area! These ultra-high-tech kiosks feature a 17-inch touch screen, high-performance boarding pass and bag tag printers, full page passport reader and a 360° LED status light that makes it easy for passengers to see if the kiosk is free to use. 

The introduction of new kiosks is an expansion of the previous kiosks that were first installed in the early 2000s. Known as the ‘N1’, the original kiosk was a game changer that truly transformed the passenger check-in process for travellers at YVR. And while the N1 has served us well for the past 18 years, it was time for us to retire these from service and move onwards and upwards!

To start, we’ve introduced 119 new self-service kiosks in the U.S. check-in area and by the end of year, we plan to replace the previous kiosks in the area. These kiosks are already installed in all check-in areas throughout the terminal. The implementation of these new machines will reduce kiosk downtime, increase check-in capacity with faster transaction times and enhance accessibility for all of our customers.

If you have plans to travel to the U.S. through YVR, be sure to “check-out” our new kiosks to save some time checking in.

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