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YVR Stars: Susan Rance, Green Coat

 YVR Star, Susan Rance

YVR’s Green Coat volunteers encounter all types of traveller requests and excel at finding the best way to help. On one particularly busy day, volunteer Susan Rance was stationed at a counter when a passenger who didn’t speak much English approached her. Susan put on her detective hat and was able to eventually connect with the passenger’s daughter over the phone and realized that the woman had missed her outbound flight.

In order to help the passenger get on her way, Susan connected her with her airline for rebooking. With a new flight plan in place, Susan took the passenger to Tim Hortons as the passenger expressed that she was hungry, and another YVR employee who heard Susan’s story in the line graciously picked up the tab. Susan then stayed with the passenger while she ate, showing her cute animal videos to lift her spirits despite her shift being over – what an incredible comfort that the customer must have felt knowing that she was well-taken care of!

YVR is proud of moments of exceptional customer care like this and we would like to thank Susan for her outstanding service. Great job, Susan, and thank you to all of our Green Coat volunteers for making YVR such a great airport!

If you ever see any employees or volunteers go the extra mile, please nominate them for a YVR Star and share your experience. We want to hear from you and recognize exceptional customer care. Learn more at or tell us your story @yvrairport using the hashtag #YVRStars or send us an email at [email protected].

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