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We Are Your Airport

There are so many things that make YVR a successful airport—from our award-winning customer care to our local connections and strategic vision—and they all stem from our unique operating model.

YVR is, quite literally, your airport. We have no shareholders and we reinvest all profits back into the airport, constantly improving it for everyone. We are not government run and instead we have to compete with airports around the world, spurring innovation. And we have a deep connection to our region, with a community-appointed Board that keeps your interests in mind.

The result?

As a business, we are able to lead the competition while supporting innovation and growth. Thanks to our unique model, we are able to pursue unique non-aeronautical revenue sources, such as our BorderXpress kiosks and the Designer Outlet Centre, which help us keep costs low for airlines and attract air services. This is important because every new airline or service spurs job activity at YVR and across the province, as we constantly grow.

As an airport, our unique model allows us to invest in constant improvements—making YVR an attractive option for passengers and airlines. We are in the second year of a 20-year expansion program and in the the coming years we will open a new parkade, an international pier and one of Canada’s largest GeoExchange systems. And all the while, we constantly improve our terminal experience, working on our baggage system, upholding a great customer care program, launching new offerings and more.

As a community contributor, our model compels us to support the people who live and work in our region. We give back, with an annual $1+ million community investment program that supports over 50 great organizations. And we seek to make new relationships. In 2016, we signed the historic, 30-year Musqueam Indian Band – YVR Airport Sustainability & Friendship Agreement, a major achievement that will see YVR and Musqueam achieve a sustainable and mutually beneficial future for our community.

As a world-class hub, we stand behind a strong mission—to connect B.C. proudly to the world. YVR is the first and last impression of B.C. for millions of people around the world, every year. It’s also the first sign of home for many travellers. Thus, we have an opportunity to represent the best of B.C. in our airport and we do this by showcasing incredible art, providing a warm and welcoming experience and leading the way in sustainable growth—all thanks to our unique operating model.

Interestingly, most people are not aware that we are a community-based, not-for-profit organization. Through recent surveying, we discovered that only 17% of British Columbians are aware of YVR’s unique operating model and its many benefits. So, we are spreading the word. You will start to see some creative pieces, like the images below, showing up in the airport and around the community, highlighting our unique airport. I encourage you to share these pieces and spread the word. After all, our unique model is important to us and, I strongly believe, it’s important to you. It’s something to be proud of and something worth protecting.

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