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Car Sharing at YVR

Your flight has just landed at YVR and you’re looking hit the road ASAP in your own set of wheels. You may have already looked into one of the several traditional car rental companies located at the airport like Avis, National, Hertz and Budget, but did you know that there are also a number of car share options available out of YVR?

Below is a list of all of the car share options available at YVR and in the Richmond area.


Zipcar is a subsidiary of Avis car rental and offers convenient, on-site car sharing right here at YVR. Located in the lower level of the parkade, Zipcar is a membership-based model that has a flat fee for "Zipsters" on monthly and yearly memberships. With a membership, you can just walk up and scan your desired vehicle’s windshield, zoom around town and return the car to the same parking spot when you are all done. YVR has two Zipcars –a Nissan Altima and a Kia Sorento which start at $10.75 per hour or $73 per day. Gas, insurance and 200 km are included with each reservation. For information on Zipcar in Vancouver, visit their website.


Evo has a “Satellite Home Zone” at Park-N-Fly off Miller Road near YVR. The location is accessible via free shuttle that runs to and from the main terminal building. Their fleet consists of Toyota Prius Hybrids that have seating for five and a roof rack so you can throw on your ski stuff or a couple bikes for the ride. Much like Zipcar and Car2Go, Evo is membership-based with windshield user access. One of the benefits of using Evo over some other services is Evo offers the ability to take one-way trips. Specific instructions for using Evo can be found here.


Car2Go, the world’s largest car sharing company, is also located at YVR. Located just off site at the Pacific Gateway Hotel (accessible via free shuttle that runs 24/7), Car2Go is also a user-accessed, membership-based carsharing service that exclusively offers their recognizable Smart Fortwo vehicles. You can grab a Car2Go offsite and use it to help get yourself to YVR, catch a ride home upon arrival or cruise around town on a long layover. Much like Evo, Car2Go offers the convenience of one-way trips. More info on using Car2Go at YVR is available here.


While Modo does not have any vehicles located in the immediate vicinity of YVR, its users do have a few options if choosing to use their service from the airport. At the Canada Line’s Bridgeport and Marine Drive locations (7 and 9 minute trips away, respectively) there are Modo cars available. Modo members have gas, insurance, maintenance and parking privileges included in their membership and are a local member-owned service. Another plus for Modo is select vehicles in their fleet are wheelchair accessible. Additional information about Modo can be found here.

Car sharing plays an important part in YVR's efforts to be a sustainable airport. If car sharing isn’t something that appeals to you, hop on the Canada Line or find a taxi at our stands by the level 2 arrivals areas. If you have any questions about car sharing or anything else at YVR, tweet us @yvrairport


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