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Totem Poles in Chester Johnson Park Undergoing Restoration Work

Restoration work is underway on three totem poles formerly located at the entrance to Chester Johnson Park, across the road from International Arrivals.

For many visitors, YVR provides the first and last impression of British Columbia with art and architecture reflecting our province’s diverse landscape and people. Our celebrated art collection includes three totem poles carved by Gitxsan carvers, Walter Harris and Earl Muldon (Muldoe) in 1970.  

The red cedar totem poles, which stand at over 10 metres tall each, were relocated in June to accommodate construction in the area around Chester Johnson Park. The poles were moved to an offsite City of Vancouver storage facility where the YVR Art Foundation team will oversee conservation and restoration treatments. The work is being done in consultation with the Museum of Vancouver, Andrew Todd Conservators Ltd., YVR Engineering, Protech Industrial Movers Ltd., and various other partners.  

The totem poles will be re-installed at YVR once construction in the area is complete and the poles are fully restored.  

To learn more about the restoration process, check out the video below. 

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