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Thank You, British Columbia

About 90 years ago world-famous aviator and explorer Charles Lindbergh snubbed an invitation to Vancouver, stating “There is no fit field to land on.” Well, we’ve been taking great pride in proving him wrong ever since. And, today we are humbled to once again be recognized for our efforts.

But words like proud and honoured don’t quite cut it—only grateful comes close. We are so thankful to our community, our city and our province to have won Best Airport in North America for a ninth straight year.

YVR is all about you. You the passenger, the bag handler, the volunteer, the first responder, the cherry exporter and the countless others who touch the airport – it’s because of you YVR is number one. And, it’s with your support we’re able to continue running our airport in a way that reflects our unique region, always with the best interests of our local community in mind.

We take our role in representing British Columbia on the world stage very seriously and we need your help to stay on top. YVR is experiencing record growth and, to be frank, there will be some turbulence as we expand. However, I promise that it’ll be worth it. We’re investing in a better airport—a thriving community asset that creates jobs, gives back and makes us all proud. So thank you for your patience. And thank you so much for the continued support.

I’m honoured to lead the YVR team and connect B.C. to the world. And we couldn’t do this without you—because of you, we will continue to thrive.  

A thousand thanks.

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