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#YVR25Million: Relax, we got you!

When people think of airports they usually think about excitement and fun. They don’t typically think of pampering and relaxation. Everyone is always so focused on where their adventure is taking them next – and rightfully so! But I’m here to tell you stop for one second and think about how we can help you relax right before your trip.

There is always so much planning and preparation that takes place in order to get you on your way. You have to book your plane ticket, your hotel stay, make reservations at all your favourite restaurants or maybe you are planning for your back-to-back business meetings. But one thing that many people like to do, but somehow manages to fall by the wayside in all that planning (or you’ve simply run out of time) is getting a manicure and pedicure before that Hawaiian beach vacation or for that family wedding in Toronto. Well, as the title says: relax, we got you!

We have five Absolute Spa locations at YVR and each one of them is ready to help you get vacation ready. With regular and quick serve options, thirty minutes is all you need to get a fabulous manicure. I’m willing to bet that’s faster than it takes to pack your bags.

Already have your nails done? Well then you should definitely indulge in early vacation relaxation. The chair massages at Absolute Spa come in 10, 15, 20 and 30 minute intervals. And trust me, you’ll want the massage.

And if none of those options speak to you – there’s one more thing at Absolute Spa that you probably didn’t know they had. It’s a sleep pod. At a very affordable $1/minute, the sleep pod is a great place to sneak in a little nap or enjoy a quiet space before you fly.

Make sure you head over to YVR’s Instagram page at to find out how you can win a gift basket from Absolute Spa valued at $350.

Absolute Spa at YVR can be found at:

  • Fairmont Vancouver Airport, US Terminal (pre-security)
  • US Departures, near gate E86 (post-security)
  • Domestic Departures near gate C47 (post-security)
  • Domestic Arrivals, Level 1 (pre-security)
  • Domestic Departures, Refinery by Absolute Spa, near gate C31 (post-security)
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