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Supporting Wild Pacific Salmon in BC

Juvenile Salmon

Living in BC, the ocean and the mountains are our backyard. From the grandness of Grouse Mountain, to the one-of-a-kind view from Stanley Park, we are undoubtedly blessed to be surrounded by such beauty every day. However, we are not the only ones living here. We share our home with millions of other species, such as the Wild Pacific Salmon. With that, we have a duty to keep both their homes and ours, safe.

As YVR is so close to the Fraser Estuary, we have the responsibility in helping protect and preserve the salmon population, which is why we have partnered with the Pacific Salmon Foundation (PSF) to do just that. With this partnership, YVR and PSF are funding research programs to help improve the habitats of Wild Pacific Salmon, and to ensure their longevity in BC’s waters.  One of PSF’s most coveted programs is the Citizen Science Program, where regular everyday citizens can give back to the salmon community by collecting comparable data in BC’s waters.  Recruiting the expertise of local fisherman, PSF is able to conduct vital research on water quality at a fraction of the cost.

 YVR created a video in partnership with PSF about the importance of preserving species like Wild Pacific Salmon in BC. For more information about how you can get involved and help, please visit to

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