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Craig's Corner: Celebrating 25 Million

It’s hard to believe that we will soon hit the 25 million passenger mark. And what’s even more incredible is that it was originally a 2020 goal!

Yet here we are. After five years of hard work and careful planning, our passenger count has soared from 17.9 to 25+ million. As you can expect, this has had a profound impact on our airport. We are now one of North America’s fastest-growing major international airports. We have a wide range of expansion projects underway and there is simply more of everything: more people moving through our terminal on any given day, more flights connecting people and products to destinations all over the world and more economic benefits for our region—through construction and our ongoing growth.

To celebrate our 25 millionth passenger and everything this momentous number represents, we have put together an ambitious 25 Million campaign—complete with amazing giveaways and prizes, all leading up to the big day on December 18 when we unveil a grand prize. The campaign highlights many of the people and organizations that make our airport great—from our retail partners to our many airlines, construction businesses and much more.

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Of course, we can’t possibly capture everyone who contributes to YVR’s success in one campaign. So on that note I want to stress that our success is truly a team effort. It is thanks to you—our community members, business partners and employees.

We are entering not just another busy holiday period but an incredible growth phase, where we will transform the airport to ensure it continues to connect everyone proudly to the world. We couldn’t do it without your support and patience. So thank you for supporting our airport and making us proud. As a community-based organization, we are committed to serving you and we will continue to do this by reinvesting our success back into the airport and the region.

For more information on the campaign, check out our social channels and 

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