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YVR 2037 Master Plan Now Boarding

YVR recently launched Flight Plan 2037, a 20-year plan that ensures that Vancouver International Airport is prepared to meet anticipated growth, stay competitive and maintain our position as one of the world’s leading airports. Flight Plan 2037 includes a Capital Plan, Financial Plan and the YVR 2037 Master Plan – the plan that we are currently undertaking which helps guide land use decision-making while considering sustainability at each step in the planning process.

We implemented a consultation process for the YVR 2037 Master Plan that used a variety of tools and methods to gather information and facilitate meaningful engagement with business partners, employees, passengers and our community.

During Phase 2 of the YVR 2037 Master Plan consultation, public input was received on ground access, environment, community amenities, terminal, airside and land use. Our Master Plan project team, along with Craig Richmond and other Senior Executives spoke with 700 people in person, received 16,000 visits to our website and held 22 stakeholder meetings, four public meetings, five regional open houses across Metro Vancouver and over 500,000 views of our design fiction video which built awareness and excitement for the Master Plan. You can review a comprehensive summary of feedback by downloading it from the document library on and you can learn more about our extensive Phase 2 consultation process by watching this video.

Phase 3 consultation launched on January 18th which coincided with the Flight Plan 2037 announcement and is open from January 18 to February 20. This is our opportunity to go back to participants from Phase 1 and 2 as well as the public and stakeholders to confirm that our plan reflects the needs of our partners and the community and identify any final elements for consideration. Input from the first two consultation phases was built into our YVR 2037 Master Plan Highlights and includes constructing the North-South Taxiway, working with regional authorities to support increased transit and connections to the airport and creating increased green space, multi-use pathways and a new plane-spotting platform for our community to enjoy at the airport. In this phase, we are sharing our revised and proposed Land Use Plan that will guide infrastructure initiatives and developments over the next 10 years. We will be submitting our Land Use Plan to the Minster of Transport’s approval later this year.

We know that you – our engaged community – have some of the most valuable feedback to share so we encourage you to get involved! Phase 3 consultation is primarily online at can review how the Master Plan is progressing, take a look at our video recap and participate in a 3 question survey. We are also hosting an open house on Wednesday, February 8th at the Graham Clarke Atrium to provide an opportunity for people to learn more about the YVR 2037 Master Plan Highlights. If you’ve got a question, a comment or just a great idea – submit it on our website or send us an email to [email protected] and help us build the airport of our future!

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