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Alert: Please come to YVR only if necessary. Learn more about how we are addressing COVID-19.
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Top 10 Summer Hits

We know what you’re thinking. No, we don’t have a summer music playlist for you, but there were definitely many summer photographic memories worth revisiting before we fly into fall.

10. When Jackie Chan landed at YVR, whom our CEO Craig (thankfully) did not have to fight.

Photo op with Jackie Chan, CEO Craig and other VIPs

9. China Airlines’ inaugural A350 was the star of the show during the hazy days of Vancouver.

China Airlines A350 aircraft

8. Our final salutation to Curly Halliwell, retiring pilot and our CEO Craig’s longtime friend.

Water arch for Cathay Pacific Aircraft

7. Bright ideas come from bright lights – when YVR completed the largest install of apron LED lighting in Canada.

LED apron lighting

6. Night to day? Or day to night?

YVR sunset scene

5. Walking the line, into the stunning Vancouver summer sunset.

Qantas aircraft in the airfield with a sunset background

4. It’s Big Norm and Kermode! Two of our new YVR Ambassador Dogs. Oh, puppers.

St John Ambulance volunteers walking the YVR Ambassador Dogs

3. Chill out at Chill Out – our annual community festival at Flight Path Park. Stay fly everyone.

YVR Community Chill Out event stage

2. On top of the world, looking down from the control tower.

Reflection of the airport on the control tower glass panels

1. To friendship, respect and a mutually beneficial future together. YVR and Musqueam Indian Band sign a 30-year sustainability and friendship agreement.

CEO Craig and Chief Sparrow signs Musqueam agreement

Ready for another amazing season and so ready for Christmas. 

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