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Sustainability Story: Salmon Safe Since 2016

One of YVR’s strategic priorities is to protect our surrounding ecosystem and reduce our impact on the natural environment. In 2016 YVR proudly became the first airport in North America to achieve Salmon-Safe Certification, acknowledging the airport’s commitment to the health and sustainability of our ecosystem.

What is Salmon-Safe?

Salmon-Safe is a Portland-based, non-profit organization that works to transform land management practices to protect Pacific salmon. The organization partners with British Columbia’s Fraser Basin Council to certify B.C. agricultural and urban properties as being safe and friendly to the environment. As keystone species of the Pacific Northwest, salmon are an important indicator of the region’s environmental health. By protecting our salmon, we know that we are also protecting many of the other animal and plant species that depend on these ecosystems.


The Salmon-Safe program has helped YVR to develop innovative ways to restore, protect and enhance our ecosystems. Through protecting the water quality and aquatic life from harmful pesticides, implement a comprehensive stormwater management plan, reducing site-wide water consumption and ensuring zero sediment runoff during construction activities, YVR is taking steps to improve our vital ecosystem.


Where do we go from here?

YVR’s work doesn’t end with certification. Over the next five years YVR will undertake a significant habitat restoration project, adopt an integrated pest management strategy that phases out the use pesticides and continue to reduce water consumption by using drought-tolerant native plants for landscaping. As we work to protect our ecosystem, we also look forward to connecting with our community and supporting public education efforts to increase knowledge of the environmental, cultural and economic importance of salmon in BC.

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