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Craig's Corner: Inaugural Season Begins at YVR

The May Long weekend is in the books and the good weather has begun. And while we are happy to say goodbye to the rain, the transition isn't to summer but to the beginning of Inaugural Season at YVR.

With six new flights launching in June alone, we are ready to ring in the summer with new and exciting destinations in what will be the busiest season ever at YVR.

June 1 - Frankfurt and Nagoya

The party starts late next week with a double shot of seasonal destinations from Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge. First up is Air Canada’s daily, non-stop to Frankfurt, which will operate on a Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner. Frankfurt is a major European hub and a key destination for Air Canada to offer connectivity for passengers looking to travel onwards. Then we have new, nonstop flights with Air Canada Rouge to Nagoya, a brand new destination for travelers and home to the World’s Best Regional Airport in 2015, as voted by SYTRAX Awards.

June 8 - Gatwick and Taipei

Another double dip is on the docket with new flights to Gatwick and Taipei both departing on the same day with Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge. The addition of Gatwick makes AC the only carrier serving both major London airports during peak season and opens up more connections in Europe. Taipei is timed strategically for passengers looking to connect to other cities in North America.

June 23 - Boston

This is a big win as Boston was consistently identified as one of our most under-served markets. Air Canada’s seasonal, daily flight will connect Vancouver to one of the oldest cities in America and is an important business link between West and East. We also look forward to welcoming a fair number of Bostonians to Vancouver for cruise season.  

June 30 - Hong Kong Airlines

And we finish with a big one, welcoming our new airline partner Hong Kong Airlines to the fold. Any time we can add a new carrier to the YVR family we are very excited. It means more jobs in B.C., more dollars for the local economy and more options for our travellers. This is made possible by the Connect YVR program, which offers huge incentives to new airlines to fly out of YVR and really allows us to succeed and expand and work towards our goal of 25 million by 2020.


But wait, there's more! Just because June is chockablock doesn’t mean there aren’t other inaugurals on the horizon at YVR. Air Canada will launch Melbourne in December and we are hoping to be able to announce some other exciting additions in the coming months. Cheers to our air carriers in this inaugural season, and we thank you in advance for your patience as we work to process passengers, bags and cargo as safely and quickly as possible in what will be the busiest summer ever at YVR.


Safe travels.

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