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Craig's Corner: Crazy 8s

Eight great reasons YVR continues to shine.

Winning the Skytrax award for Best Airport in North America for a record eight years in a row is an incredible feat. Over 13.8 million passengers voted for YVR to win this award and they did this for many reasons. While I can’t guess them all, I have a feeling that the following had something to do with it:

 #1 – Our amazing team. Over 23,000 people work on Sea Island, supporting the daily operations of YVR. This team goes beyond to ensure the airport is efficient, comfortable and safe and they do this with a clear mission—to connect B.C. proudly to the world.   

#2 – Our beautiful airport. YVR is not only the biggest building in B.C., it’s also the nexus point for travellers from all over the world. Our airport showcases the best of our province through a range of amazing art that creates a welcoming and calming sense of place.

#3 – Our customer care. Every day, the YVR team does its best to help passengers. Whether it’s our amazing green coat volunteers providing directions or our airside team ensuring that the airport runs smoothly, the focus is on delivering a safe and comfortable experience.

#4 – Our accessible terminal. One of YVR’s top priorities is to provide an accessible airport for everyone. We do this through constant terminal modifications, new amenities such as our pet relief area and great initiatives such as our new YVR Autism Sticker. 

#5 – Our airline partners. Fifty-five airlines serve YVR, connecting people and businesses to more than 125 non-stop destinations worldwide. Thanks to our airline partners, we offered 18 new destinations and two new airlines last year. And this year we are set to welcome many more.

#6 – Our innovative culture. Innovation is one of our core values as it not only improves the airport but allows us to stay competitive. For instance, YVR’s BorderXpress kiosks have greatly reduced wait times at Customs. We are now a leader in self-service kiosk technology, having sold more than 1,000 of these kiosks to 33 airports and seaports in North America and the Caribbean.

#7 – Our governance model. As a community-based, not-for-profit organization, YVR is committed to providing benefits for our region. Under this unique governance model, we reinvest all of our excess revenue back into the airport in order to provide an exceptional experience for our passengers, partners and community members.

#8 – Our supportive community. It’s because of your continued support that we are successful. So thank you for supporting us and thank you for helping YVR win Skytrax for the eighth year in a row!

This is your airport, and together we share in its success.

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