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Craig's Corner: Construction at YVR

You might have heard me talk recently about how fast we are growing at YVR. In fact, you might have heard me say that we are the fastest growing international airport in North America. And you hopefully have heard me mention that we are on pace to set another new record for passenger traffic in 2017. That’s all great news, because that growth means a lot of good things not just for the airport, but for the entire community and the province of B.C. But it also means we need to start expanding in earnest, and for anybody who has driven out to the airport lately, you can see that process has already begun. I’d like to share a few details about what’s going on at YVR, and what passengers and the public can expect in the next few years in terms of construction.

The area under construction around Templeton that you can see as you drive down Grant McConachie Way or ride the Canada Line towards the terminal is to support an expansion to our parking facilities. In 2018, we will close our Value Lot to make room for the new Parkade and we will open a Value Long-Term Lot, located near Templeton Station on the Canada Line. We never want somebody circling for a parking spot, and our team will provide regular parking updates to help keep the public informed.

In addition to building up some of our parking options, we also need to grow our terminal. This means adding more gates through the expansion of D Pier (watch this awesome fly through), and adding a range of new amenities for our passengers and airlines. This is no small task, but we have the best in the business working on these projects, and the goal is to work efficiently in order to complete the construction in the shortest time frame possible and with minimal impact to passengers and visitors to the airport. We want to make these improvements while maintaining the award-winning passenger experience we have become known for delivering. I think you are going to love the end result.

And then there’s all sorts of infrastructure projects and upgrades that passengers might not be able to see on a day to day, but are vital to YVR keeping pace with passenger growth. Projects will include taxiway upgrades, a geoexchange system to heat and cool the terminal (while reducing our green house gas emissions), new ground transportation facilities and much more.

All of these projects and the growth they support will provide tremendous economic benefits to the province, the region and the country. It will also require significant changes to our airport. That change is necessary if we are to continue to deliver an exceptional airport experience and further position YVR as a world-class, sustainable connecting hub.

To learn more about these exciting projects, please visit our newly launched construction page at This site will be updated regularly by our communications team with all the latest project information, timelines and eventually real-time impacts, such as traffic pattern changes, so you know what to expect when travelling through the airport.

Happy travels!


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