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Through the Aviators Part 7: Adaptive Hiking Excursions

YVR is proud to partner with BCMOS to provide accessible hiking experiences to everyone.

British Columbia Mobility Opportunities Society (BCMOS) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to sharing the experience of hiking with people living with significant physical disabilities. BCMOS hosts other accessible programs including adapted kayaking and paddle boarding located in False Creek, Vancouver.

BCMOS was founded in 1985, providing people with mobility issues access to British Columbia’s great outdoors. They have inspired many individuals to push their limits and realize their possibilities. BCMOS offers individuals the invaluable opportunity to leave their wheelchair behind and freely explore the beautiful nature BC has to offer. 

YVR partnered with BCMOS to provide accessible hiking experiences to individuals keen on exploring the outdoors. Together, we created a video showcasing the TrailRider, which is an adaptive vehicle that is designed to transport disabled individuals through the wilderness. The video showcases an iconic Vancouver hike, Quarry Rock in Deep Cove North Vancouver, where YVR employees hike alongside BCMOS volunteers to the top of the mountain. The hike started out with sprinkling rain and concluded with sunshine at the top of the mountain, creating the perfect mood for the video. It showcased the teamwork required to complete this difficult hike and the satisfaction and pride that was felt by all when they reached the summit. Watch our video to find out how we went beyond, every day!

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