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Ramping Minds Experience

YVR employee experiencing the Ramping Minds workshopCreating an inclusive and accessible airport experience for all individuals no matter their ability, is a top priority for us at YVR. You may have noticed the relatively flat floor surfaces, automatic doors and S-shaped bathroom entrances here, all of which contribute to our universal access design. To further demonstrate the importance of accessibility, YVR employees are welcome to participate in Ramping Minds, a simulation workshop where participants experience what it's like to navigate the airport terminals in a wheelchair and with vision impairment.

Last month, we took part in the Ramping Minds workshop and it was an incredibly insightful opportunity. Navigating the terminal with goggles, we experienced the challenges that individuals with vision impairments would face when coming to the airport. We did not anticipate how tough a simple task such as hand drying in the bathroom could be! This experience demonstrated the importance of having a space that is safe and easy to navigate, and the considerations that need to be taken when designing new facilities. We learned about the various design features that make YVR an accessible airport, with everything from the tactile warning strips to the requirements for the angles at which wheelchair ramps have to be built. Overall, this was such a great experience, and allowed us to witness the amazing accessibility features of our airport from another person’s perspective.

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