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Here's to you, Canada!

Explore YVR Airport this July to discover some exciting Canada 150 gems!

 Maple Syrup - Canada 150 edition

Did you know Canada generates 80% of the world’s supply for maple syrup? Now that’s Canadian pride. For only a limited time, Hudson News is offering Canada 150 maple syrup for you to share your Canadian pride with family and friends from around the world. 

Ice wine at World Duty Free

Looking for a unique gift to bring your family or friends? Grab a bottle of Inniskillin’s award-winning and world renowned Ice Wine. Produced on Niagara Lake in Ontario, this ice wine will surely be a uniquely Canadian gift for anyone – of legal age! If you are looking for more Inniskillin products, they also have a vineyard and winery right here in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley! There you will find their delicious table wines and other products.

Canada 150 Stuffed animal - reindeerCanada 150 Stuffed Animal - bearCanada 150 Stuffed Animal - deer

There is no better way to travel Canada than with some real Canadian companions. The moose, the deer and the bear are all here to help make the trip a little more “bear-able”. Themed with Canada 150, they are perfect for your collection and are sure to stay through many more years of Canada Days.

Canadian Whisky

An instant classic – enjoy North America’s first take on a Single Malt Whiskey. This deliciously smooth Glen Breton whiskey is made in beautiful Nova Scotia, and gives tasting notes of almond, vanilla, and soft oak. Whether you’re buying as a gift or for your own enjoyment, this Canadian whiskey will surely not disappoint!

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