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Craig's Corner: The New YVR - Our Digital Hub

Our team works incredibly hard to make YVR’s terminals as safe, efficient and enjoyable as possible. This is no easy task: our airport is a complex physical space, moving and connecting people, passengers and planes in various directions day and night. And while this complicated mix of pathways and destinations may seem opaque to the casual observer, I assure you that it all works and that the airport operates with one objective: to provide an exceptional experience for our customers.

It’s with this in mind that we embarked on the new YVR website. Having recently launched on March 23, the website takes all the key ingredients that make our airport great and uploads them into the digital realm. The website is the first impression many people have of our airport. Focused on the user experience, it provides passengers with easy access to flight information, parking reservations, shopping and dining options and really anything else needed for travel. After all, you’re on it right now!

While it may come as no surprise, I just have to point out that the website beautifully conveys our award-wining sense of place, with a great art section dedicated to telling the vivid stories behind our amazing collection. And it doesn’t just look great—it’s also mobile-optimized, designed for the growing mobile audience that now makes up a significant portion of our online traffic. With the new website, what you see on your desktop is what you see on your phone; a one-stop, consistent presentation that avoids classic mobile website headaches such as pinching to zoom in and out. I won’t miss that.

The website is meant to serve a diverse community. It’s available in English, French and Chinese. It’s also accessibility compliant, providing a smooth user experience for everyone. Other key features include filtered, real-time flight searches, email and SMS flight notifications, information on shops and services and opportunities to connect with our marketing and air services teams.

While nothing could ever replace the in-person care we deliver at YVR, we understand that our customers are increasingly looking for information online. The new website is just one of many digital tools we use to interact with our passengers and the public. Our social media team works hard to respond to each and every query whether it be on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and we are also on Weibo as of last year. We also launched our YVR App recently which you can download and use to make your travel experience even more enjoyable. A large component of the website project focused on integrating the backend architecture with our cloud-based Digital Gateway. That means we can add information to the Digital Gateway and it will send it in one go to the website, the YVR App and any future tools. This will ensure consistent information and user experiences across all platforms.

Our goal is to provide a great customer care experience online and in person. Our new website, as well as our existing online tools, reflects the YVR brand we all know and love, as well as our values of innovation and accountability. On that note, I would like to know what you think. Let us know by either reaching out via email, tweeting us, or commenting below. We want to hear from you.

Until next time, stay safe!

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