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Aircraft of the Month: Airbus A350-900

Along with the exciting announcement that Cathay Pacific would be expanding service at YVR starting next year came news that we would also be seeing a new aircraft type at YVR – the Airbus A350-900. Cathay Pacific will operate a brand new Airbus 350-900 on the route between YVR and Hong Kong International Airport (HKG). This marks the first scheduled service by an A350-900 to anywhere in Canada. The aircraft features a refreshed Business Class cabin and new Premium Economy and Economy Class seats. The design of the cabin features has been carefully considered to give passengers the best sleeping experience and entertainment options, and to offer them greater control over how to use the space, whether for working or to relax. 

The A350-900 first went in to commercial service with Qatar Airways in 2015 and is the cornerstone of Airbus’ all-new A350 XWB fleet, which is optimized for medium and long haul operations. As the first A350 XWB version to enter airline service, the A350-900 has the same optimised cabin cross-section as the other A350 XWB versions – which ensures maximum comfort for both passengers and crew while also guaranteeing operating efficiency. 

The A350-900 is one of the first Airbus jetliners to apply the Airspace by Airbus cabin concept, which creates the perfect space for passenger well-being and airline performance. Airspace by Airbus delivers a next-generation flying experience with four key pillars: comfort, service, ambience and design.

Flight Deck Crew: Two
Seating: 325 (typical)
Length: 66.8 metres
Wingspan: 64.75 metres
Wing Area: 442 square metres
Height: 17.05 square metres
Fuselage Width: 5.96 metres
Fuselage Height: 6.09 square metres
Maximum Takeoff Weight: 280 tonnes
Cruise Speed: mach 0.89 (maximum, approximately 1090 km/h)
Range: 15,000 kilometres
Maximum Fuel Capacity: 140,795 litres
Service Ceiling: 13,100 metres
Engines: Rolls Royce Trent XWB

Cathay A380

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