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China Eastern

Aircraft of the Month: Airbus A330-200

The A330-200 was front and centre at YVR in December as China Eastern inaugurated service to Nanjing using this aircraft type and Hong Kong Airlines announced it will initially use the A330-200 on its new service between YVR and Hong Kong starting in June of next year. The versatility of this aircraft is what makes the A330-200 so notable. This flexible flyer has the shortest fuselage of the A330 variants and has excellent range and cargo capacity.

The A330-200 is a shortened, longer-range variant of the A330 and entered service in 1998 with Korean Air. It is 10 fuselage frames shorter than the -300 and to compensate for this change the vertical stabilizer height was increased by 104 centimetres.

This popular aircraft type is in use by major carriers all over the world and as of November 2016, 638 of the −200 had been ordered, 599 of which had been delivered, with 589 aircraft in operation.


Cockpit Crew: Two
Length: 58.82 metres
Wingspan: 60.3 metres
Wing area: 361.6. metres squared
Tail height: 17.93 metres
Cabin width: 5.18 metres
Fuselage width: 5.64 metres
Fuselage height: 5.64 metres
Maximum takeoff weight: 242,000 kilograms
Maximum landing weight: 170,000 kilograms
Cruising altitude: 12.500 metres
Maximum range: 13,4450 kilometres

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