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Sky’s the Limit for 1 Million Aeroplan Miles Winner

Paris in the springtime? Iceland under the midnight sun? Surfing in Australia? Any travel dream is now possible for North Vancouver’s Dan Bozic, the winner of YVR’s 1 Million Aeroplan Miles Contest.

“I’m ecstatic to have won this prize! We are already starting to plan our trips - my wife wants to go to Australia and my son is pushing for an Asian holiday,” said Bozic.

YVR’s President and CEO, Craig Richmond, presented the prize to Dan today at YVR.

Winning the contest was as simple as visiting any of the stores, services and restaurants at YVR and getting a unique promo code for a chance to win. Bozic did just that while departing YVR for a spring break trip to Mazatlan.

Clearly, there were a lot of travellers dreaming of future getaways as YVR received more than 15,000 contest entries over a three-week period in March. With 160+ shops, services and restaurants located before and after security, YVR offers great shopping opportunities to travelers and the local community alike.

Bozic said, “I want to thank YVR for being such an amazing airport, which we’ll now have more opportunity to visit over the next few years.”

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