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Trilateral Travel Agreement Announced Between U.S., Mexico and Canada

Good news for frequent travellers between the U.S., Canada and Mexico — a trilateral agreement between the three countries was recently announced that will make travel between the three countries more efficient. 

Public Safety Canada has joined the Department of Homeland Security and the Secretariat of Governance of Mexico in outlining the first steps toward the creation of a North American Trusted Traveler network. The new agreement will make it easier for eligible travelers in the United States, Mexico and Canada to apply for expedited screening programs, helping to promote travel across the continent.

As part of the agreement, Canadian citizens who are members of NEXUS can apply for Viajero Confiable, making them eligible for expedited screening benefits upon arrival at select international airports in Mexico. The arrangement will also allow Mexican nationals who are members of Mexico’s Viajero Confiable program to apply for the U.S. - Canada NEXUS trusted traveler program, making them eligible for expedited screening benefits upon arrival at international airports in the United States and Canada. U.S. citizens are currently eligible to apply for the NEXUS and Viajero Confiable trusted traveler programs through existing partnerships between U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Public Safety Canada and Mexico’s National Institute of Migration.  Eligible travelers will be able to apply for each program beginning in 2016.

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