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Black Tusk

Photo of the Month: The Black Tusk

Every month we pick one of the incredible submissions we receive for our Canada from the Air campaign and honour it as of Photo of the Month.

Sometimes you see a photo that makes your jaw drop, and the image above certainly qualifies. Submitted via twitter by @ihikebc, the stunning snapshot captures the summit of The Black Tusk. Familiar to people who live in B.C. the Black Tusk is a stratovolcano and a pinnacle of volcanic rock in Garibaldi Provincial Park. Distinctive and immediately identifiable, The Black Tusk is among the best known mountains in the Garibaldi Ranges of the Coast Mountains. The volcano is part of the Garibaldi Volcanic Belt which is a segment of the Canadian Cascade Arc, but it is not within the geographic boundary of the Cascade Range.

To Squamish people, this mountain is known as t'ak't'ak mu'yin tl'a in7in'a'xe7en. In their language it means "Landing Place of the Thunderbird". The jagged shape of the mountain and its black colouring are said to come from the Thunderbird's lightning

We recently put up a bunch of new pics on the wall! If you want your pic of Canada from the Air to end up on display at YVR please submit via twitter, Facebookor Instagram and use the hashtag #YVRCanada.  

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