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Photo of the Month: Sunset Flight from YYC to YVR

Every month we pick one of the incredible submissions we receive for our Canada from the Air campaign and bestow upon it the honour of Photo of the Month.

For June we chose another nighttime photo because it was just too awesome to pass up. Snapped by Clint Trahan on his way from Calgary to Vancouver just last night on a WestJet flight, this stunning snap captures the unique perspective of air travel. The sliver of sunlight transforming from bright red to cool blue on the horizon is spectacular, and the curvature of the aircraft subtly illuminated makes for a truly stunning photo. It's one of those images that makes you feel like you are way up there on the plane thousands of feet in the air, floating above it all. Thanks for sharing, Clint!

We are putting up a new round of pics tomorrow at YVR! If you want your pic of Canada from the Air to end up on the wall at YVR please submit via twitterFacebookor Instagram and use the hashtag #YVRCanada

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