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New Service Brings Eternal Spring to YVR

We are excited to announce a new, three-time weekly, direct service to Kunming—China’s premier tourist destination. China Eastern Airlines will launch this service on June 26, 2015 establishing Vancouver as the first North American destination from Kunming.

Known as the City of Eternal Spring, Kunming offers amazing natural landscapes and scenic views. Here’s our list of the top five sights not to be missed:

1.Stone Forest (Shilin National Park)

The Shilin National Park is separated into seven areas, each one more breathtaking than the last. The park is known by many as the “stone forest” because of the beautiful and peculiar lime stone formations that, from a distance, closely resemble trees.

2.  Dinanchi Lake

Dinanchi Lake is the largest freshwater lake in the Yunnan province. Hike up the mountain for great views of this vast lake along with the thousands of seagulls that inhabit it.

3. Western Hills and Dragon Gate

Lush foliage and remarkable views make the Western Hills and Dragon Gate a must-see destination.  Dragon Gate is the highest temple found on the Western Hills, but the remarkable architecture and tranquil atmosphere make it worth the climb.

4. World Horticultural Expo Garden

With the world record for the most species of plants on display, this huge botanical garden showcases natural beauty, while representing local culture.

5. Qiongzhu Temple

Qiongzhu is most famous for the 500 life-size, clay sculptures on display. It is said that if you choose a statue then count the number of your age to the right, you will land on the statue that best expresses your inner character. 

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