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Five Fabulous Things People do for Each Other When Flying

Transat Aircraft Interior

There are so many lists out there that detail some of the less-pleasant things people do when flying. See here, here and here. Put a couple hundred people in an enclosed space and it's no surprise there are some disagreements on whether or not removing your shoes is appropriate. But flying can be really fun! And people aren’t all bad when on an airplane. There’s still some really sweet things we do when travelling that make us remember how awesome our fellow travellers can be. 

  1. Helping people put their bags in the overhead bins. Some people are uh, vertically challenged, or they have a really heavy bag, so it’s nice to see when somebody helps out and either grabs another passenger’s bag for them when the plane lands, or helps them get it in to the overhead compartment when boarding. Just remember, lift with the legs!
  2. Letting People Switch Seats. Sometimes travelling partners can be split up, so it’s nice to see when somebody requests to sit with their loved one or flying buddy and it all works out. Especially if somebody with a middle seat gets a mini upgrade to an exit row or aisle seat or the always amazing full empty row. Everybody wins! Remember though, people are entitled to their assigned seat, so don’t be a grumpy Gus if you don’t get your desired seat. 
  3. Listening to the safety demonstration. Airlines have recently started making insanely creative and fun safety videos to try and jazz up the in-flight safety demonstration. Unlikely as an incident might be, they’ve got to give the talk, and it’s awesome when people stop and pay close attention to these hard-working folks. 
  4. Happily letting other passengers out from the window seat. People have to use the washroom, or just stretch out the old legs on a long flight, so I’m always chuffed to see somebody pleasantly unbuckle and let me by to do my business. 
  5. Thanking the pilots and crew. When the flight has landed safely and everybody is rushing to deplane, they are usually standing there just before or after you exit. They may have offered you a snack or a beverage, or you know, navigated a giant metal tube through the skies to get you to your destination, so I love it when the people around me give these people a big smile and a genuine thank you for their hard work as they disembark.
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