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Craig's Corner: Safety First

Safety is paramount at YVR. It’s embedded in all our decision making and is our core corporate value which we live every day, normally in the background. Over the next few weeks, there are some powerful examples of how we ensure the safety of our passengers, partners, employees and community for all to see.

Just yesterday, more than 600 people from 30 organizations participated in an Emergency Exercise here at YVR. We host a large-scale, emergency exercise every two years so that we can really practice our emergency plan with our partners. Not only is this exercise a major component of our emergency preparedness – it’s also incredible to see how real it all appears. From the fire produced by a mobile aircraft fire training unit we brought in for the exercise, to the makeup and acting of some of the “victims”, this exercise attempts to provide as much reality as possible to the individual players. But most importantly are the real partnerships and team-work that we saw yesterday during the exercise. This collaboration is key to our response plans and we’re thrilled we had the opportunity to test it with more than 600 players from many different organizations including the RCMP, WestJet, Canada Border Services Agency and Transportation Safety Board.

This week is also North American Occupational Health and Safety Week. Our fantastic workplace safety team has organized a number of different activities and initiatives that will highlight the importance of safety in the workplace.  One of those important initiatives is the annual Day of Mourning Ceremony. This difficult but important event helps serve as a reminder of our commitment to safety, and also allows us to remember those who tragically lost their lives on the job.  In addition to the Day of Mourning, we have workshops and efforts directed at the entire airport community including Mental Health First Aid and Accident Investigations. As we reflect on the importance of safety in the workplace, I’m avery proud that we were recently recognized as one of Canada’s safest employers.   

And last but certainly not least, we are proud to support Police Week (May 11-15) at YVR and will take part in a day-long, fun (but also educational) campaign in the Link Atrium on May 11. Come see our YVR Flight Crew in action and find out more about what our partners at the RCMP do to help keep our community safe and secure.

And as always, safe travels.


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