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Olaf the snowman

Aircraft of the Month: WestJet Frozen Plane

Following up their special Disney Magic Plane livery which we see at YVR every so often, our airline partner has now revealed an aircraft that is so cool, it's Frozen.

WestJet has done it again! Following up their special Disney Magic Plane (which we see at YVR every so often), our airline partner has now revealed an aircraft that is so cool, it's Frozen. The specially painted Boeing 737-800 will hopefully make a couple runs on the new YVR to Orlando route in 2016, but until then, learn more about this awesome aircraft.

Design Features

On the tail of our aircraft, sisters Anna and Elsa celebrate sisterhood and the magic of snow. From the aircraft tail along the fuselage, the magic travels to warm the front of the aircraft where Olaf can be found enjoying a summer day on the beach. In the Disney film Frozen, Olaf dreams of going someplace warm, and now we’ll be taking him to the sunshine with us. The interior design matches the outside. In the rear of the aircraft, the overhead bins and headrest covers have a cool theme and as you move toward the middle of the plane, the interior decoration transitions to become warmer, ultimately arriving on a warm, sunny theme at the front of the plane.

Some Fun Facts from the WestJet website:

  • The aircraft was painted in Fort Worth, Texas.
  • The paint team included team members from Canada, the United States and Germany. They watched Frozen to get them into the spirit before work began.
  • The job took 21 days of 12-hour rotations involving a constant crew of six painters working 24/7.
  • The crew used 643.5 litres of paint consisting of 23 colours — five for the umbrella alone.
  • Sparkles were added to the paint in sections to add shimmer and shine as the aircraft moves.
  • An airbrush artist was brought in to work on details around the sun, water and castle.
  • The inside of the aircraft has decals and headrest covers that mimic the cold-to-warm (back-to-front) theme on the outside of the aircraft.
  • There are 54 separate overhead bin doors on the aircraft and each has a unique Frozen decal
  • The aircraft registration is C-GWSV and the tail number is 810.


Operator: WestJet!
Manufacturer: Boeing
Country: United States
First Flight: Soon!
Cockpit Crew: 2
Cruise Speed: 828 km/hr 
Height: 12.6 m (41 ft 2 in)
Length: 39.5 m (129 ft 6 in) 
Wing Span with Winglets: 35.8m (117 ft 5 in)
Maximum Fuel Capacity: 26,020 L (6875 U.S. gal)
Maximum Take-Off Weight: 79,010 k.g. (174,200 lb) 
Maximum Range: 3,060 nautical miles (5,665 km) 

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