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Aircraft of the Month: Korean Air Cargo Boeing 747-8F

This big, beautiful blue bird is a frequent visitor to YVR and is part of Korean Air's Cargo operations at Vancouver International Airport.

This big, beautiful blue bird is a frequent visitor to YVR and is part of Korean Air Cargo operations at Vancouver International Airport. Korean Air alternates between the 747-400F and this 747-800F for their Vancouver runs which combine to make up one of the top cargo operations at YVR.

Cargo is vital to the success of YVR and Korean Air Cargo helps us ship hundreds of thousands of tonnes of cargo each year. 

With a vivid and distinct livery and their instantly recognizable logo, a lot of plane spotters will be familiar with this aircraft as it arrives during daylight hours and gets loaded up at the West Pads in plain view if you are spotting on the North. 

The 747-8 is offered in two main variants: the 747-8 Intercontinental (747-8I) for passengers and the version we are looking at here, the 747-8 Freighter (747-8F) for cargo. The first 747-8F performed the model's maiden flight on February 8, 2010 and delivery of the first freighter aircraft occurred in October 2011. As of October 2015, confirmed orders for the 747-8 total 119, comprising 68 of the freighter version, and 51 of the passenger version.

Cockpit crew: Two
Overall length: 76.3 m (250 ft 2 in)
Wingspan: 68.5 m (224 ft 7 in)
Wing area: 554 m2 (5,960 sq ft)
Wing sweep: 37.5°
Aspect ratio: 8.47
Height: 19.4 m (63 ft 6 in)
Cabin width: 6.13 m (20.1 ft)
Empty weight: 213,000 kg (470,000 lb)
Maximum takeoff weight: 448,000 kg (987,000 lb)
Maximum landing weight: 343,000 kg (757,000 lb)
Maximum zero-fuel weight: 330,000 kg (727,000 lb)
Maximum structural payload: 134,000 kg (295,800 lb)
Maximum fuel capacity: 228,000 L (60,211 US gal; 50,100 imp gal)
Cruising speed at 10,700 m (35,000 ft): Mach 0.845 (908 km/h or 564 mph or 490 kn)
Range: 4,390 nmi (8,130 km; 5,050 mi) at full payload (134,000 kg or 295,800 lb)
Cargo capacity: 855 m3 (30,177 cu ft)
Service ceiling: 13,100 m (43,100 ft)
Engines: (4×) GEnx-2B67
Thrust: (4×) 66,500 lbf (296 kN)

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