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YVR 2037 Master Plan

YVR 2037 was a multi-year planning and consultation process that played an integral part of creating YVR’s Master Plan, a roadmap that helps guide us to our future destination.

YVR embarked on a multi-phase consultation process in 2015 and used a variety of tools and methods to gather information and facilitate meaningful dialogue with business partners, employees, travellers and local communities.

Community and stakeholder feedback helped shape future enhancements in six key areas: ground access, environment, community amenities, airside and airspace, terminals and land use. The YVR Land Use Plan sets out the Airport Authority’s intentions with respect to the use of land on Sea Island over the next 20 years and provides the high-level physical representation of YVR’s Master Plan.

Land Use Plan Amendment

The YVR 2037 Land Use Plan was approved by the Minister of Transport in 2018, but the 2037 Master Plan reflected a pre-COVID vision, which was based on continued strong growth in passenger traffic.

In 2020, our future destination shifted dramatically with COVID-19. As a result of the impact of the pandemic and in response to our Strategic Plan objectives, in 2021, the Airport Authority worked with Transport Canada to amend the 2037 Land Use Plan. We also undertook a consultation process with partners and stakeholder prior to seeking the Minister of Transport’s approval to the amendment, including Musqueam, City of Richmond, City of Vancouver, the Province of British Columbia, NAV Canada and Metro Vancouver.

As part of the Financial Sustainability lens of our 2022-2024 Strategic Plan, we outlined how we will aim to drive value from land assets to diversify our revenues and grow our core airport business while supporting regional economic development. To strengthen the non-passenger related business to a higher proportion than in the past, we will put our land assets into productive use, expanding our focus in cargo and logistics, and activating digital opportunities.

In February 2022, the Minister of Transport formally approved the proposed amendment to YVR’s 2037 Land Use Plan. We’re exploring new and innovative ways to strengthen our role as a diverse global hub while aligning YVR to the future growth and needs of British Columbia. This includes unlocking development opportunities on Sea Island that will benefit our community and the economy that supports it.

Key Changes

  • Deferral of a Third Parallel Runway
    • Due to the downturn in traffic, a third runway is not anticipated to be required for several decades. The amendment enables the Airport Authority to make productive use of the lands within the footprint of the proposed South Parallel Runway in the interim.
  • Airside Development at Airport South
    • This amendment permits, in principle, airside development on land previously set aside for the potential third parallel runway at Airport South. This change will enable revenue diversification from development of Sea Island land assets until such time as a runway may be required.
  • Cargo and Logistics Development on the Northlands
    • The amended Land Use Plan will also enable the Airport Authority to develop the Northlands for groundside warehouse and logistics uses, supporting our core airport function and fulfilling our role as a Gateway to the New Economy by bringing to market large, well-located industrial land parcels which are in short supply in the region.

Land Use Amendment Map

We would like to thank our Musqueam partners and our community: our neighbours, employees, travellers, business partners and our valued stakeholders who contributed their ideas during this process. YVR 2037 was founded on British Columbians' expectations of a world-class airport that is safe and secure—one that instills pride, brings economic benefits to British Columbia and Canada, and respects local communities and the environment. We will continue to engage with our communities and stakeholders as future area planning and development opportunities arise.

Going forward, we will continue to engage with our communities and stakeholders as we explore new and innovative ways to strengthen our role as a diversified hub that connects people, cargo, data, ideas and community, with a view to reflecting these pathways to the future in the next YVR Master Plan update. If you have any questions or want to be sent the full YVR Master Plan 2037 document, please email [email protected].

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