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Monitoring and Abatement

YVR has 20 noise monitoring terminals located throughout Metro Vancouver. Aircraft operators use our Noise Abatement Procedures (NAP), published in Canada Air Pilot (CAP 2), to minimize operational noise.

Noise Monitoring

YVR combines data collected from the 20 noise-monitoring terminals with radar flight track information provided by NAV CANADA. This information helps assess the noise environment surrounding the airport. It also establishes the noise associated with aircraft operations compared to other noise sources in the community.

Noise Abatement

The NAP specifies departure and arrival procedures, runway assignments, altitude restrictions and night restrictions. Under Canadian Aviation Regulations, air carriers in non-compliance with the NAP are subject to enforcement action and fines from Transport Canada Civil Aviation Enforcement.

All Canadian international airports have restrictions and procedures in place to minimize noise at night.

Noise Abatement Procedures to minimize noise at night

  • A prior approval requirement for the departure of jet aircraft rated over 34,000 kg (maximum take-off weight), regardless of actual take-off weight, between midnight and 06:00
  • Preferential runway system to keep arriving and departing traffic over the Strait of Georgia (weather permitting)
  • Early turn and special vectoring procedures for certain aircraft types to minimize over-flights of populated areas
  • Closure of the North Runway between 22:00 and 07:00 (except in the event of an emergency, maintenance or snow)

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