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Social Policy

YVR is committed to being a socially responsible organization. This means articulating our philosophy in the areas of social, economic and environmental practices with the goal of increasing awareness about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) amongst our employees (domestically and internationally located), stakeholders, customers and communities.

We want to be an organization that British Columbians can be proud of and an airport that is considered a leader of CSR practices. In defining our Social Policy, we embrace the United Nations Global Compact and the ISO26000 standards. YVR is committed to measuring, auditing and sharing our performance on CSR practices. Our Social Policy and related programs are the direct responsibility of the President & CEO and the Executive Team and are managed through our Social Management System. The Board of Directors oversees the conduct of the organization and ensures the President & CEO and the Executive Team are monitoring and enforcing compliance.

We have articulated our Social Policy commitments in seven areas:

1. Adherence to sound corporate activities—Business Ethics and Transparency

  • Comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management that reduces risk and sets action plans
  • Transparent and sound governance practices
  • Strong fiscal responsibilities
  • Public accountability
  • Political neutrality
  • Commitment to ethics through training and supporting policies

2. Respect for human beings

  • Uphold and promote Canadian Human Rights in all regards
  • Respect for diversity and individual human rights
  • Positive Indigenous Peoples engagement
  • Commitment against child labour

3. Consideration of our Supply Chain

  • Pursue total compliance of Supplier Code of Conduct
  • Fair and open procurement processes
  • Sustainable Purchasing Policy

4. Positive employee relations with our employees

  • Fair treatment of our employees with dignity and consideration
  • A diverse and equitable workforce
  • Fair labour practices as defined by the International Labour Organization
  • Safe and healthy work environment
  • Support for individual development and training
  • Effective Safety Management System
  • Health and Wellness program, which includes financial incentives
  • Respect for our employees’ freedom to associate and participate in a union

5. Protection of the natural environment

  • Development and enactment of an Environmental Management Plan with set targets
  • Proactive engagement to mitigate impacts on the environment, specifically in the area of greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption and waste management
  • Commitment to being recognized as a leader of sustainability in the aviation industry
  • Green Commuter Program with financial incentives to encourage employees to support reductions in greenhouse gas emissions

6. Support for Community and Consumer

  • Strong commitment to transparent and effective public engagement
  • Responsive communications
  • Financial support for community initiatives including an employee matching donation program
  • Support through employment and economic opportunities

7. Communication

  • Commitment to open, honest and timely communication
  • Effective and responsive media relations and social media
  • Publicly available annual results and financial statements

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