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Social Management System

Vancouver Airport Authority’s Social Management System demonstrates how we uphold our Social Policy. It encompasses all the programs, processes and systems that ensure we are following the guidance provided by ISO2600. It addresses the Policy’s seven focus areas—sound corporate practices, respect for human beings, consideration of supply chain, positive employee relations, protection of the natural environment, support for the community and communication—through numerous policies, procedures and systems that ensure we are meeting our commitments and regulatory requirements.

YVR’s Social Management System is broad and encompasses a large portion of our programs and actions—as seen throughout the 2021 YVR Annual & Sustainability Report. For instance, to maintain sound corporate practice, the Social Management System includes annual, third-party financial audits, the Board Diversity Policy, the Code of Conduct and mandatory business ethics training. It includes a Sustainable Purchasing Program and Supplier Code of Conduct to demonstrate our commitment to the supply chain. It includes a Competition Compliance Policy and training to ensure we comply with applicable competition laws. And to ensure that we protect the natural environment, it includes our Environmental Management Plan and our Safety, Security and Environmental Policy.

YVR’s Sustainability Working Group, chaired by the Vice President, People and Sustainability, is responsible for overseeing the Social Management System and monitoring the policies and programs under our Social Policy. The committee sets targets, monitors performance and reports its findings and recommendation to our Executive Team.

If an area of non-compliance under the Social Management System is identified in the daily course of business, it is addressed as per its governing policy or system. An annual review of adherence to the Social Policy is included in the development of the Annual & Sustainability Report where areas of non-compliance and the associated mitigation actions are reported.

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