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Customer Privacy

Vancouver Airport Authority is subject to the Personal Information Protection & Electronic Documents Act. Privacy matters are overseen by our Vice President Legal and Chief Governance Officer, in her capacity as Privacy Officer, as well as a Privacy Committee comprised of the Privacy Officer, Vice President People and Sustainability, Vice President Operations and Maintenance and Vice President Innovation and Chief Technology Officer.

We take the collection of information very seriously. Our foundational item, IT & Digital, is a critical element that supports the Strategic Plan. It guides our goals to deliver a stable and resilient foundation of technology and protect the environment through a multi-layered system of cyber security. Our organization is subject to several policies—Privacy, Privacy Breach Reporting, Technology Use—which guide a range of actions and form part of the Privacy Management Program.

Recognizing that privacy and security go hand-in-hand, we have a cross-departmental, cyber security and privacy team. In the event of a breach, we would engage the team to contain it, evaluate risks and mitigate the situation. Under this team’s guidance, we regularly update our policies, offer customized departmental training and communicate changes to our approach through multiple channels. A link to our Privacy Policy is available on our website:, and we field all complaints through our Privacy Officer.

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