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Non-discrimination towards passengers and employees

Vancouver Airport Authority strives to offer a great airport experience for everyone, free of discrimination, which is paramount to our success and reputation. We treat passengers with honesty and integrity and we work with business partners to ensure passengers receive fair and ethical service. We uphold our standard of conduct to obligations found under the national Human Rights Act and elevate our standards through our corporate guidelines, found in the Social Policy and Code of Ethics.

YVR supports Canada’s linguistic duality, a cornerstone of our country’s rich heritage and diversity. We have a strong foundation in ensuring that we communicate in both French and English with the travelling public. Building on that strong foundation, we are continuing to broaden and expand our Official Languages Program.

We undertake a range of actions to ensure a goal of zero-discrimination. This includes full compliance with English and French language laws, 24/7 language line translation services for passengers, concessionaires and airlines, training for our employees and customer care contractors, pictograms and language options on signage (English, French and Simplified Chinese), cultural awareness programs and inclusive washroom signage.

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