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Ethics in the Workplace

We conduct ourselves in accordance with the highest standards through a Code of Ethics, corporate policies, management systems and an internal audit program.

Code of Ethics

Vancouver Airport Authority’s employees and Board of Directors are obliged to follow our Code of Ethics. Our overarching Code of Ethics plays an important role in ensuring we meet our Social Policy objectives, and we regularly encourage employees to report instances of non-compliance. All of our employees are required to complete an annual Conflict of Interest declaration in which they report any actual, potential or perceived conflicts of interest that may arise in connection with their role at the Airport Authority, as well as complete an annual Code of Ethics training to confirm their understanding and compliance with our Code of Ethics.

Corporate Policies

While the Code of Ethics acts as an umbrella policy for key issues like ethics, business judgment and general conduct, our corporate policies are intended to provide specific guidance on issues linked to corruption, perceived wrongdoing or workplace incidents, and to further articulate our values in the areas of social, economic and environmental practices.

Anti-Corruption Policy

We take anti-corruption laws very seriously, with the understanding that violating them may result in severe consequences for both employees and the Airport Authority. We recognize that anyone conducting business or otherwise acting for or on behalf of the Airport Authority is subject to these laws. We manage anti-corruption practices through our foundational element “Governance and Accountability” under the Strategic Plan, and through our Anti-Corruption Policy, Code of Ethics, Whistleblower Policy, Community Investment Policy and Guidelines and Social Management System. Our internal expense reimbursement system is set up to confirm that the guidelines in our Anti-Corruption Policy are followed.

We expect all employees to act in accordance with applicable domestic laws, including the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act and the Criminal Code, and all applicable foreign laws. We have a zero-tolerance approach to corruption, and our goal is 100 per cent compliance. To achieve this target, we provide anti-corruption resources and education for our employees.

Whistleblower Policy

Our internal Whistleblower Policy provides a framework to report illegal and dishonest activities including fraud, theft, and unethical behaviour. Overseen by the Vice President Legal and Chief Governance Officer and the Director Internal Audit, the policy offers several options: reporting to superiors, reporting to another chain of command, or reporting anonymously through the Confidence Line, a 24-hour ethics hotline managed by an independent third party. We share this policy with employees and contractors working at Airport Authority offices.

Social Policy

Vancouver Airport Authority is committed to being a socially responsible organization, increasing awareness about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) among employees, stakeholders, customers and communities. For more information on our Social Policy, visit

Global Risk Management

Our Global Risk Management Program helps protect the critical elements of the Airport Authority’s global activities—our people, our assets, our operations and our business reputation—from prevailing political, security, integrity and other key risks. The program consists of several separate elements, including a due diligence framework from which we assess potential international business activities and partners, weighing such opportunities against a comprehensive country-by-country risk assessment. Our Anti-Corruption Policy and Business Travel Policy helps inform this program, governing business activities at home and abroad. We also provide third party resources and support to our employees to ensure their safety while travelling on business. 

Internal Audit

The Internal Audit department provides independent and objective assurance and consulting activities to help the Airport Authority achieve its strategic objectives, manage risks and seize opportunities. The Director Internal Audit has a direct line of reporting to the Finance and Audit Committee of the Board, while reporting administratively to the Chief Financial Officer. The department develops an annual risk-based audit plan that is aligned with the Airport Authority’s strategic plan and includes assurance on the effectiveness of the Airport Authority’s risk management, governance and internal controls processes. It also conducts independent investigations (as needed), tests of internal controls, contract reviews, and audits to validate compliance with applicable regulations and contractual obligations.

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