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Data Collection and Processing

Our Privacy Policy demonstrates our commitment to responsible and ethical handling of data being brought into or created in our operational environments. We recognize the importance of protecting the privacy and integrity of our partner, client, passenger, and operational data and we are committed to complying with all applicable data protection laws and regulations. 

Under this policy, data collection is limited to what is necessary for legitimate business purposes and consent is obtained from data owners and individuals where appropriate. We prioritize the implementation of robust technical standards and organizational measures to protect the collection and processing of data.

We also place great importance on informing our partners, clients, passengers, and operational entities of the purposes for data collection and processing, as well as the legal basis supporting such activities. Accuracy, quality, and integrity standards are applied to the collection and processing of data. 

We provide training and guidance to employees involved in data collection and processing, emphasizing the importance of confidentiality, accuracy, and compliance with regulatory requirements. Regular audits and assessments are conducted to monitor compliance and identify areas for improvement.


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