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YVR Data Guardians

Vancouver Airport Authority’s YVR Data Guardians policy suite outlines our data handling and management policies for safeguarding data used for YVR operational activities. We developed these policies to foster public trust, maintain a secure data environment, and promote the highest standards of data management by outlining the rules and responsibilities for handling data and ensuring that it is managed in a secure, efficient, and compliant manner. In the context of these data management policies, the scope includes data that was generated, collected, processed and utilized within YVR operational and planning activities. 

Our YVR Data Guardians policies are divided into 11 categories: 

Data Collection Processing Icon

Data Collection and Processing

  • Collection
  • Storage
  • Processing of data

Data Retention Icon

Data Retention

  • Retention periods
  • Specific data categories
  • Data collection purposes

Data Security and Privacy Icon

Data Security and Privacy 

  • Access control
  • Information classification
  • Monitoring

Unauthorized Usage Icon

Unauthorized Usage

  • Access
  • Disclosure
  • Misuse of sensitive information

Incident Management Icon

Incident Management

  • Data breach
  • Security incident
  • Unauthorized access to sensitive data

Information Risk Management Icon

Information Risk Management

  • Employee responsibilities
  • Security controls
  • Incident response protocols

Data Exchange Icon

Data Exchange

  • Legal and regulatory requirements
  • Data confidentiality
  • Protect the rights of all parties involved

Education and Awareness Icon

Education and Awareness

  • Data handling best practices
  • Recognizing potential risks
  • Evolving threats and regulations

Organizational Data Ownership Icon

Organizational Data and Ownership

  • Adjusting data ownership
  • Data as an asset
  • Intake management
  • Issue escalation and arbitration

Data Quality Management Icon

Data Quality Management

  • DQ rules management
  • DQ monitoring and measurement

AI Ethics Icon

AI Ethics

  • AI Oversight

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